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by Old Baby

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released May 19, 2015

Jonathan, Evan, Neal, Todd & Drew.

Recorded & Mastered in August 2014 by: Kevin Ratterman
Artwork by: Thad Kellstadt



all rights reserved


Old Baby Louisville, Kentucky

Although impressive to write about this band’s pedigree, it would immediately distract you. Yes, Old Baby is from Louisville. Yes, Old Baby is filled with veteran musicians. Do they shake? They do. Do they shimmy? Oh, indeed. The southern gothic trances croon from the top of a western mountaintop, easing the restlessness from your troubled mind. ... more

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Track Name: Someday
someday's coming
someday's here
ride your strength
let go of fear
for the opportunity is all we have
to enter the void and release the drag

seek to find
a simple rhyme
and break the walls
you've built inside
new possibility we can't describe
carry the weight but cover the crime

someday things will all be different

a golden mask in a deep red haze
cannot hide your flower face
reach to feel but you only taste
Track Name: Take Heed
the silver haired beauty she sails across life's troubled sea
with a heart like a holy grail just waiting to be freed
simple pleasure looms like a beacon burning bright
waxing like the moon shadows on the night

take heed young men of sorrow
protect your gentle glow
take heed young men I tell you
of a state you should not know

the wings that lift you up
on that night's state of bliss
are the anchor later lowered
on your fall to the abyss
Track Name: Me Dying
I believe death's got a number out for me
I try but she won't let me go easy

the ground a good enough place to go to sleep eternally

a funny thing the thought that I might not sing again
oh the trouble it would bring

my heart would drown in a sea of unsung sound
Track Name: Spirit
sweet spirit
take the feather from your hair

use me up
don't stop

when I'm in my final hour
the spirit reaches down from the sky
long golden hair floats everywhere
I climb it up to the clouds

the spirit will take us
and lead us into the unknown
we've invited her in many times prematurely
we've knocked on the door and been heard
but she waits to answer for our time is not hers
but as the night looms upon the horizon
we will surely meet
Track Name: Necessary
from the mountain I can see
the sad thoughts that burden me in the night
red skies a sailor's sea
could spell trouble ahead for me

look for necessity
am I necessary
I drag the stone behind

in the fountain I can see
a sad face reflecting back at me
close my eyes and try to dream
but nightmares plague my lucidity

look for necessity
am I necessary
I drag the stone behind

a heart of glass
under chain and hasp
you don't know my mind
Track Name: Visions
it's a dreamer's dream
trying to find a voice
one that's not been spoken
one that's not a choice

visions of a red sea channeled through me
dreams take to the sky absorbing the light

so close to home all hope is gone

man must become a whole other being
never truly awake without knowing sleep

so close to home all hope is gone
Track Name: Coming Down
some cower in fear of the unknown
some embrace the mystery and go it alone

coming down again

imagine floating out in the stars
nowhere to be nowhere too far
the chaos among us
the patterns we create
full of swirling colors we dissipate

coming down again